Sunday, 7 September 2008

Happy Father's Day

Rob has been making so much fun of me because I have been so excited today -it feels like Christmas. Of course Father's Day is always special but this year it is extra special because it's Rob's first proper time celebrating as a Dad himself. I have just had such a great time this week getting all Rob's little treats ready and then yesterday we had a fun day shopping together for our Dads and we got them really great gifts. This evening we're having a big joint family BBQ at John De Roach's place - it's just a really great day.

Anyway - Happy Father's Day to my gorgeous and wonderful husband. It has been an amazing experience to watch you take to being a dad so naturally. You are so wonderful with Noah and an amazing help and support for me too. I can tell you two are definitely going to be the best of buddies and that we are all going to share so many fun times together.

We had a nice early start visiting Banjo at Pinaroo to introduce him to his little brother.

Family Breakfast with my Dad

Rob and John off to play golf. Rob with his new clubs that he got for his birthday last week.

Noah and Aunty Megan

Noah and Pa

This picture wasn't taken today but I thought I'd share it anyway. This is Noah with his Dad, Pa and Great Grandad - 4 generations.

This is just 4 of hundreds of photos I took trying to get that one perfect shot to frame for Rob for Father's Day. I think they're all pretty cute but these are some of my favourites. I also wrestled Noah to try and get his hand and footprints on paper for Rob. Hand prints was a complete disaster so we had to abort that mission but his tiny footprints were a success. I'll scan them and put them up at some stage - sooo cute.

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