Thursday 25 September 2008

The things we do

Noah avidly watching the sports carnival events

Yesterday I had a great day at Jake and Abbey's inter school sports carnival. Mum, Dad, Megs, Holly, Noah and I were all there for the day to cheer them on and to enjoy an lovely picnic day out in the sun. Jake came 3rd in his running race and Abbey got 2nd in hers. Jake also competed in the winning Year 4 relay team and passball team and Hillarys Primary School won the day.

Abbey in a photo finish and receiving her 2nd place ribbon

Jakob crossing the line 3rd then receiving his ribbon

Jake leading the passball team

After the carnival Noah and I headed to Whitfords to do some shopping then on the way home there was a meltdown. You know that moment when you realise you've pushed a baby too far and all hell is about to break loose. It starts slowly but once they reach that point there's almost no calming them down. Noah is no exception to this well known phenomenon. On the home stretch pushing the pram along Marmion Ave he started to cry then scream and nothing was calming him down. I tried putting the dummy in a dozen times but he kept spitting it out so he could scream. I tried carrying him and pushing the pram with one hand - not easy. Finally I put him back in the pram and resigned myself to a couple of kilometres of screaming. Then I started singing and he instantly relaxed and seemed to go to sleep. So there I was on Marmion Ave alternating between Twinkle Twinkle and Rock-a-Bye Baby too afraid to stop singing. I kept looking behind me to make sure that a walker or cyclist didn't sneak up behind me and catch me. I must have sounded ridiculous - seriously out of tune and out of breath but hey it worked and I'd do it again in a heartbeat

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