Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Welcome February

My poor little blog has been very neglected lately.  I am finding life so busy at the moment. February has sprung on us so quickly and it really is life back to normal now.  January has been all about holidays and fun activities but all of the normal routines return this month.

I'm still weight watching which takes a surprisingly large amount of energy and focus.  Meal planning, point counting, counselling and exercise.  Even though the last couple of days I've struggled a bit, on the whole I am feeling really confident and managing to stick to the regime without feeling deprived.  Weigh in tonight so I'll be back with some news on that later.

Noah started his 3 year old Kindy yesterday!!  He was fantastic - kids all around him were crying and some were screaming but he took it all in his stride kissed Rob and I goodbye and didn't flinch.  I was fine and didn't even shed a tear I was just so proud of him.  Rob on the other hand felt a bit unsettled by leaving him. When I picked him up he was happy as can be and the teacher said he was great.  He told me that some kids were playing on the slide 'and I told them be careful'.  So looks like he's settled straight into his role as safety officer!!

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