Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Funny Thing Happened

Somewhere between his cousin's birthday party last Saturday morning and his nap on Saturday afternoon - Noah was toilet trained.  I am not joking that's how fast it happened.

WE have not tried to toilet train him at all. I mean we have kept it all very open in conversation and let him know that when he's ready he could start using the toilet and wearing big boy pants but he had never actually done anything.  Until he came upstairs in the middle of his movie last Saturday and told me he needed to go the toilet to do a wee.  I had a couple of pairs of cute undies stashed in a drawer so I asked him if he would like to wear them and that was that he's been using the toilet ever since.

I know a lot of mums have to stay at home for a week or two to get the kids in the rythym but we've been very lucky how well he's taken to it.  We were out and about all weekend at parties and concerts and this week has been busy too and it's all been without a hitch.

I am so thrilled and proud - he has done an amazing job almost completely under his own steam.  I know there will probably be accidents and there is still a long road ahead but for now we are nappy free.


  1. Awesome! Well done Noah!
    We had a similar experience, it pays to wait until they are ready doesn't it! x

  2. What a good boy!!! I have friends who have laboured for months with toilet training and one friend who - on her third child - said to me: wait until they tell you they're ready. It will take less than a week. So that is my plan. Hopefully it works. You've given me hope!!!


Hi thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. It is nice to know someone is listening.


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