Thursday, 10 February 2011

Project Life

There is a trend in blogging and photography and scrap booking - everyone is doing it.  Some cal it 365 day project some call it POTD (Photo of the Day) and of course project life.

The idea is to take a photo every day.  Photos of ordinary happenings and exciting ones too and record them all together giving you a complete photographic record of any given year.

I thought about it last year but the year was half gone before I got interested so I thought I'd start at the beginning of a fresh year.  I ordered the scrap booking style kit and it has been waiting patiently on the shelf.  It sits there waiting with note books full of ideas for albums of Noah's 1st, 2nd and now almost 3rd year.  With hundreds of hours of home video waiting to be edited into something fun to watch and reminisce over.  Thank God I have my blog to keep some sort of record otherwise our whole lives would be 'waiting' in boxes.

I did start the year with every intention to at least take the photos - I was under no illusions of doing anything with them but the photo part I thought would be easy.  I mean you guys know I take hundreds of photos.  I lug my huge camera everywhere.  It's so not as easy as you would think.  I guess my life is just not as interesting as I thought!!

Anyway here are the photos for January - for as many days as I can rustle up.  I'll try harder in February - I promise.

January 1st - C'mon who doesn't love a bit of nude cycling

January 2nd

January 4th

January 6th - Mandurah Foreshore

January 7th - Whiteman Park

January 9th

January 11th - yes he has his hair tied up on top of his head!

January 13th - channeling Angelina Ballerina as we wave goodbye to Daddy one morning

January 12th - This photo might not look like much but this kitty could jump about a metre off the ground so Noah had hours of fun playing (teasing) with it

January 17th - Noah and Skip (our beach house dog)

January 18th - Mama at the beach solo - bliss

January 20th - perfecting the art of cracking eggs - 3 eggs and no shell - success.

January 21st - everyone likes to see their name up in lights.  Our first ever bowling outing.

January 22nd - Cleo is not too thrilled about having to ride in the bike chariot.

January 23rd - Hey the invitation was for a dress up princess party - what's a boy to do??!!

January 26th - a boy and his biscuit

January 31st - Totem tennis before bedtime.

17 photos out of 31 days - I promise to try harder.

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