Monday, 14 January 2008

Yippee - Morning Sickness

Today I had my first real "Oh my God I'm going to throw up" dash to the bathroom and it felt great. It felt great to have morning sickness - because that means it's real.

I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and as is to be expected it's all quite a stressful experience this time around. It was bound to be a bit nerve wracking but just to add some extra stress they found a bleed in my uterus at my ultrasound last week.

I have been on blood thinning medication called Clexane due to a Protein S Deficiency which can lead to issues with blood clots. The Doctors have this as a bit of a theory about why Banjo died so they decided to put me on these injections. As you can imagine having to give myself a needle every day for the whole pregnancy is quite demanding. In any case this may be the cause of the bleeding so now I'm off them until further notice. Fine by me.

Seemingly the bleed isn't anything to flip out about and now that I'm off the Clexane it should fix itself up (I had another ultrasound today and the bleed has gotten slightly smaller). The main thing is that I'm supposed to take it really easy and not do any lifting, bending or stretching and especially no exercise.

No exercise may seem like my idea of heaven (let's face it I don't look like the athletic type!!) but I'm actually really annoyed. I was really looking forward to getting back into my pregnancy classes - yoga, aqua aerobics etc. Hopefully soon I'll have the all clear to be a 'normal' pregnant woman.

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