Monday, 14 January 2008

Getting Pregnant

Even though I have been through a lot to get pregnant I've been thinking how lucky I actually am. Obviously I can't get pregnant naturally and that sucks but once I found that out and got on track with IVF (After 2 endometriosis surgeries) it has turned out to be quite easy to get pregnant.

IVF isn't easy - daily trips for blood tests, giving myself injections, surgery to harvest eggs not to mention the enormous cost but it works for me. The upside is I feel some sort of control is in place through the procedure - giving you the best chance each month to fall pregnant.

The reason I've been thinking about all of this is because I have friends who have been, and still are, trying to get pregnant naturally. I was thinking about the anxious wait to get my pregnancy test results after each of my 2 cycles and it dawned on me that my friends have been going through that wait every month for a year or more!!!!

I cannot imagine having that stress month after month and especially with well meaning people giving you platitudes like "Don't worry it will happen" "These things take time" "You're young and healthy what's the rush" etc etc

Obviously this can also happen to people going through cycle after cycle of IVF too but I've been lucky and I'm very grateful.

To all of you trying to get pregnant whether through natural or artificial methods- my thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope it happens soon.

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