Tuesday 28 August 2007

Declan's Birthday

It's Declan's 3rd Birthday today. He had a party on Sunday which was lots of fun and Rob and I ate ourselves sick on kids party food. Declan is right into the movie 'Cars' which is a really cool kids film from Pixar (Toys, A Bug's Life etc) - anyway he absolutely loves it and the main character is a red race car called Lightning McQueen. Obviously everyone knows this so all his presents were toys from the film. Yesterday when I was looking after him we got to build and play with loads of fun new cars and trucks - it was mint. Here's some pictures from the party.

Rob getting into the party spirit!!

All the adults hanging around the kids party food.

The gorgeous Reuben (Declan's little brother - 8.5 months old)

The Birthday Boy - mmmmm ice cream cake

(The photos are courtesy of Jack Andrys photographer extraordinaire)

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  1. Hey Rob and Kirsty!

    Thank you for helping Declan to celebrate his birthday. We really enjoyed seeing you guys and Declan told us how much he enjoyed his day later that evening even though he was a little bit naughty during his party - I suppose that comes with the territory when you're 3.

    Looking forward to celebrating Rob's birthday with you both on Saturday.



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