Sunday, 12 August 2007

Autopsy Results

We saw our OB and got Banjo's autopsy results on Wednesday August 1st but it was all very confusing and overwhelming so I haven't written about it till now. I've had time to think about it and research it on the Internet and I think I've got a bit of a handle on what it all means for the future.

What the autopsy showed was that my placenta and Banjo's organs were infected with Group B Strep (GBS). This is a bacteria that is well known to doctors and is usually checked in all pregnant women at around 36/37 weeks. It is commonly thought to only pass to babies during the birthing process and so infected women are treated with antibiotics when they go in to labour to protect their soon to be born child.

In our case however, the GBS (which I had never been tested for) passed to Banjo in utero and caused him to eventually stop breathing. At first we were really confused about this because our doctor said they really don't know how this happens and it's almost unheard of. They have some theories about the IVF procedures pushing the bacteria up into the uterus but it's just speculation.

What worried me about this rare occurrence of in utero GBS was if they don't know how it happens how can they stop it happening again.

What we have been able to do is find information on the Internet which confirms that Prenatal Onset Group B Strep (POGBS) is known and there is information out there about how to handle it.

They say knowledge is power and I must say that being able to find more information is helping me be more positive about the future.

Here are some links to websites about GBS and POGBS


  1. That’s really sad news to hear you lost baby Banjo – our deepest sympathy to you both. We’ve just taken the last half an hour and read your blog from start to finish about Banjos short life. Words can’t really explain how we’re feeling for you guys right now. Kind of makes us want to jump on a plane and come and give you guys a big hug. Neither of us have been personally close to anyone else who has lost a baby before, so we cannot begin to comprehend the emotions you’re both feeling – however the blog has provided some pretty good insight to your sadness.

    To Kirsty – your comment of feeling like you had won the lottery and then lost the ticket on the way to collecting the money - this had the biggest impact on us both. Marthah wants to be a Mum just like you do and the thought of going through what you have scares her too. But we have to take what the world deals to us and although it didn’t work out as planned this time, we’re sure that next time will be different. With your learning of GBS from the internet and how best to prevent it you can be sure to avoid that one next time
    To Rob – Your little fellas hand and foot prints will be a keep sake to treasure for the rest of your life. The strength of Banjos tiny little hands on the page would not have been so strong at the time, however the power of the prints he left behind are stronger than any man could be.

    I can recall the pleasure of being able to place my hand on your tummy Kirsty and although Banjo wasn’t kicking yet, it was still a surreal feeling for me and one that means so much more now. Our trip around New Zealand and Aussie with the three of you will never be forgotten.

    Marthah and Scott

  2. Hi My cuzzy bro's,

    Just want to tell you that you are in our thoughts everyday and little Banjo too.

    When Brodie and I drive to day are every morning we say our prayers in the car and we ask God to take very special care of Banjo as he is one special little boy then we blow him big kisses.

    I just want to let you know that we loved your beautiful thankyou card especially Brodie he has carried it around almost everyday since it arrived.

    Dave, Brodie and I love you both very very much and we know that your dreams and wishes will come true because we ask God to fulfil them every single day.

    Always here for you whenever you need

    Loads and Loads of Love
    Mando, Davo and Brodes


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