Thursday, 27 January 2011

Watching Weight

I am very happy to report that I have had two weigh ins and lost 1.2kgs each time.  At first I was disappointed with that number as the changes I had made to my food intake were pretty dramatic in both quantity and quality. Then I had a good think about it and I realised that it is actually really good because if I was to go on a 'normal' diet as I have done many times in the past I would have banned all 'enjoyable' foods in lieu of 'Rabbit Food' and by Day 3 I would have felt deprived and pissed off and like life was no longer worth living.  Sure I would have lost 3 kilos in a week but by week 2 I would have been lunging for the nearest packet of tim tams and I would have seriously crashed off the wagon. Such is the cycle of dieting.

Weight Watchers allows me to 'spend' my daily points on any foods I choose so I have had that little chocolatey treat after dinner and I've had breakfast out and gone to BBQ's and still stayed on track without feeling deprived.

I can't say what the future holds but at the moment I am feeling super motivated and like I could really stay on track and lose a good amount of weight and keep it off.

Fingers crossed.

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  1. Hi love,

    Congratulations on your weight loss! I too am losing it slowly, but like you, aren't being deprived of any foods I love and also like you, feel like I can keep this up. They say that slow weight loss is the best kind as it means you won't put it all back on, but at this rate I'll be on WW for the next thirty years trying to get to my goal!! I start playing netball three times a week next week, so that should help...and we should definitely do that Zumba class you were talking about at bowling or go for walks along the coast (although walking would probably suit my lack of coordination much better!!) Love, Sandra x


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