Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I'm baaaaaack

I have a very legitimate excuse for my prolonged absence however in order to explain I have to make a potentially embarrassing confession.  Actually perhaps not nearly as embarrassing for me as my husband.

Over the holidays Rob and I became addicted to Glee!!  We bought Season 1 Part 1 a while back thinking it was something we would like to watch so every day when Noah napped we snuck an episode in and then a couple more each night.  We finished those discs in no time and needed more. So we raced out one day to JB Hi Fi to buy Part 2 Season 1 (we may have travelled to a specific shopping centre after failing to find it in 3 others!!) See what I mean embarrassing.

Anyway it's out there now so the deal is we knocked off the whole of Season 1 in about a week (12 discs - god knows how many episodes).  As season 2 has not yet even screened on TV in Australia we were in a bit of a bind so Rob downloaded it off the Internet used all our download allowance and voila no more Internet usage for the last 2 weeks of the month.

We are now house sitting at a house with a healthy Internet connection and I am back in touch with the cyber world.  Thank god for my iPad and iPhone or I would have been completely lost - shame they are no good for blogging.

So now you know - We are loud and proud Glee lovers.  What slightly embarrassing TV addictions do you have??


  1. Haha I love Glee too. I'm not normally much of a tv watcher but I started watching it when my boyfriend went away to Italy for a month for work. He came back and I was addicted.

    He always just dismissed it as bad teen drama with cheesy improbable musical situations.

    Then I was watching it one day while he was in the room and it was the episode where Tina isn't allowed to dress goth anymore because everyone is too obsessed with Twilight and she says the line "My mom says Kirsten Stewart looks like a bitch" and my boyf laughed so hard he nearly stopped breathing. I think then he understood the vibe of the show a lot more and although he won't purposefully watch it, he doesn't run out the room anymore!

  2. Ridiculous "Glee" never heard of it; although I could understand this sort of behavior if it was a SciFi show.



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