Monday, 3 January 2011

The Christmas Wrap Part 2

This year to try and make the most of Christmas I really wanted to enjoy the whole month of December doing Christmas activities with Noah.  I wanted him to learn the real story of Christmas.  I wanted us to fully embrace the fun family times.  I enjoyed all of these activities far more than any of the presents but we did also have lovely family times on Christmas Day itself.

Our Nativity Puzzle which got many hours of play

We put together Gift Bags for our music class

 We baked gingerbread 

We took a night trip into the city to look at the Christmas decorations

We took a day trip into the city with our friends

We did lots of Christmas craft

We dressed Noah as an elf just for laughs


 Here's some of the stash from the big day

Noah's big present was this beautiful doll house and it was a huge hit

Mummy and Noah - Christmas breakfast at our place

We also went to the Christmas Pageant, Spent an evening at Carols by Candlelight and attended a special children's mass on Christmas Eve.  All these activities made the month of December so much fun and gave Noah a chance to enjoy the whole Christmas build up.  We will definitely keep up all these aspects of Christmas and cut down on the presents.

I'll let Noah have the final word

I hope your Christmas and the whole holiday season were merry and bright.  Happy New Year.


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