Thursday 22 April 2010

Spontaneous Date Night

Remember before kids when you and your other half would go out to dinner at the drop of a hat, spend quality adult time together - either planned or on a whim.  I'm certainly not complaining sometimes I really relish the change of pace that kids bring.  The days are hectic ( oh lord are they hectic) but we rarely go out at night these days and our 'night life' a a result is far more relaxing.  Lots of downtime on the couch and early nights (let's face it we need those early nights to get through the days).

Anyway - I digress.  Last night my husband and I were supposed to meet at the concert hall for a free lecture by Richard Louv the author of "Last Child in the Woods" (very interesting but I'll save that for another post).  The plan was he would go straight from work and I would get Noah to bed and leave my sister sitting for him - race in see the talk and then get home to relieve the babysitter.

As the day progressed my sister decided she would rather have Noah for a sleepover and even told me to drop him off early to play for the afternoon.  Then Rob ended up not needing to work late so wanted to meet early for dinner.  It was going to be a quick bite of Chinese but we ended up meeting at a lovely spot on the river instead. All of a sudden a quick bite became a lovely meal with a view and a stroll along the river to the concert hall.  After the meal we wandered back to our cars and the beauty of the Perth Ferris Wheel all lit up was to hard to resist (it's being taken down May 2nd). So we took a romantic ride on the wheel and chatted - something that is often hard to do between all the kid noise.

It was so nice and made us realise we need to set quality time like that aside for ourselves more often.  I have friends who commit a night every week to turn off the tv, share a nice meal and relax together - even if it it just at home.  But I must say it was nice to be out and about.

How do you and your loved one make time for each other in the hectic rhythm of day to day life??


  1. That sounds like a really nice night! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    Just stopping by to say hi from brenda's blog hop over at MummyTime.

  2. stopping by to say hi from FYBF...

    oh that sounds like a diving evening... just having a chat to sit and chat unhindered... bliss

  3. Hi - popping over from FYBF.

    Ummm. Well, we are trying to get some time this weekend. His mother is coming to stay with us, and we're going to hand her the two boys and make a run for it. We have no plans, actually, just to be together without out two pint-sized distractions.

    Your evening sounds really lovely, and I'm always happy to hear about parents who can still find time for each other. It can be hard ;)

  4. Stopping over from FYBF
    Enjoying the read : )

  5. Quality time is certainly a good part of keeping a marriage or partnership healthy. Check out my latest post Husband Optimisation Tips for a laugh. I myself am looking forward to seeing a movie with my wife this Saturday. Cheers, Colin


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