Thursday 29 April 2010

Letter to Noah 21 months

Dear Noah

You are my super sweet  boy.  You are sooooo gorgeous.  I don't know how one small person can contain so much gorgeousness.  I'm not the only one that notices.  People stop everywhere to smile at you, say hello, admire your sweet gentle but lively ways.

We are having so much fun together right now - you, me and daddy.  The year so far has been filled with so many adventures - days at the beach, time in the park, concerts, a trip to a farm, the zoo, AQWA - oh my we go to so many places and you are always a joy.  You are so interested and inquisitive.  You have no fear. 

You are quite the chatterbox - you say so many words I couldn't possibly count them.  Once upon a time I planned on keeping a list but your speech develops faster than I could ever have imagined.

Some of your most prominent words are;

No (always said in such good spirits and with a little giggle even when you really mean it)
Raaf (Giraffe)
Moo Moo (Milk)
Bit (when you want something to eat)
Dater (Water)
Play School (oops)
Babbey (Abbey)
Ray (Holly???)

You can name more animals than any kid I know and have a fantastic repertoire of animal sounds.  You love to build Lego and play with puzzles.

You're a full-on kid and you leave a trail of mess in your wake as you pull out every toy and then move on to the next.  You are far more interested in real life than toys though and can play for hours putting things in and out of containers, playing in the garden, just hanging out with Daddy while he works outside.

You're also really good at packing away and like thing to be in the right place.  Sometimes when I'm asking you to get in the car and I'm in kind of a hurry you won't go until everything is packed away where it belongs.

You fall over and bang yourself a lot - you're a bull at a gate. You get up brush yourself off and get on with it though.  Al l you need is a kiss (in exactly the place that hurts and you are very good at telling me - knee, toe etc. ) Then we 'shake it out' and go back to playing.  Yesterday you split your head on the bath (at the Flora beach house) but you were so brave and didn't mind one bit when the Doctor poked and prodded and glued it together. You will have a scar but I've heard chicks dig them so don't sweat.

I am constantly in awe of how amazing you are - you're sweet, kind, loving, funny and oh so smart. 

Happy 21 months baby.

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