Wednesday 28 April 2010

The new work/life balance.

Wow - what an extra long weekend we've had. Rob had yesterday off as well so 4 days of quality family time.

The sun has not stopped shining on us - literally and metaphorically. Life is just so good at the moment I may be prone to gushing.

Today of course it's back to reality - but even reality is good.  Unfortunately our reality started with Noah splitting his forehead on the tiled bath (we're house sitting) and a trip to the doctor but a couple of steri-strips later and all is well again.

I've been so busy enjoying time with my boys I haven't even had time to check out any of the blogs from 'Flog Your Blog Friday' over at Mummy Time.  Thank you to everyone that visited this little blog of mine though and I hope you'll keep on dropping by.

Over the weekend we visited a new local Farmer's Market, had coffee with friends, played in the park, rode our bikes, walked on the beach, watched football, had naps and enjoyed a belated birthday brunch with family.

It was full of joyful spontaneous moments of fun and plenty of relaxation.  The house got a bit neglected but nothing that can't be fixed with a quick spruce this afternoon.

How was your Anzac weekend??  Did the sun shine where you are??

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