Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My little Elvis

Noah likes to pelvic thrust. He does it all day long - sitting in his pram or laying on the floor he's thrusting away. It's making it very hard to change nappies, dress him, feed him, hold him and most of all put him to sleep. He's a back arching thrusting maniac.


  1. How energetic, and humorous has my beutiful grandson become, Every day there is a new phase in his development and I am sure he is so aware of his progress and demonstrates his latest 'trick' for anyone and everyone who makes eye contact with him.

    He is such a social butterfly. Today in the shopping centre he responded to everyone who bent into the pram to say hullo with a huge dimpled smile,laughing blue eyes and an infectious giggle.I know thatI could be accused of "nanny" bias but I do get such joy from observing Noah relate to the world around him with such enthusiasm....if only we could all
    take such delight in a simple smile from a stranger. The Nanna loves you Noah.

  2. I know all about the thrusting .... must be a male thing!


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