Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy New Year

Can you believe that almost a week of the new year has gone already? We saw the New Year in with a very relaxed evening at home with friends - absolutely perfect. Hope you all enjoyed a peaceful festive season too. Now it's time to get back to real life and start thinking about how I want this year to go and to make some changes in order to achieve it. Now I know this may seem like new years resolution territory but it's not - it's just a plan for the future. Rob and I have come up with a word to sum up what we want to achieve this year and that is Discipline. We want to be more disciplined in how we live many aspects of our life. Health, Exercise, Finances, Relaxation etc. We've kicked things off with a 5 day detox of which we are at day 2. 5 days of raw vegetables a small amount of protein and no caffeine, sugar, carbs or alcohol. At the moment we both feel nauseous and have headaches but we've done this before and it does improve.

I feel that I am a good person and a good friend and I'm very generous with my time for other people and I still want to be like that but I also want to do a better job of taking care of myself. Maybe even say NO every now and then and put myself first.

I hope you are all striving to improve your lives this year and that you are successful. May 2009 be filled with health and bounty for us all.

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