Wednesday 14 January 2009

January Bliss

Noah and I are on holidays at our beach house. I just wanted to say that and see what it would feel like to be those people who really do have a beach house they escape to when their day to day life being rich gets oh so hard to take!!!! We are staying at our borrowed beach house which is really the everyday home of a lovely family I work for. They have gone to Penang for 12 days and we are living in their house on Flora Terrace, Waterman one street from the beach right behind my favourite cafe - The Wild Fig. We are having the most wonderful time and are spending our days walking along the coast, lazing at the beach and generally relaxing. Unfortunately Rob is no longer on holidays but he is staying here also and we are making the most of the weekends and the lovely early morning walks and swims before work.

I wrote this post a couple of days ago and it wouldn't upload. Since then Noah has come down with an awful cold. His nose is running like a tap and his eyes are just streaming and so red. Poor little guy and poor mummy and daddy - he literally did not sleep at all last night. Fingers crossed it won't last too long.

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