Sunday 3 August 2008

Mummy's Back!!

Oh my god I know you're all wondering where Rob's daily blogs have gone and you're probably having Noah withdrawals ( I think we may actually have let 1 or 2 days pass without taking his picture!!). We've been so busy since we've come home there hasn't been a moment to spare - not because of Noah - he is a dream baby so far and sleeps ALL day. We've just been out and about visiting and also had lots of visitors at home as well. Noah is so easy to get around with he hasn't slowed us down at all. So many people think we're crazy but we're loving showing him off everywhere.

So far he has been grocery shopping at Whitfords in the sling (the afternoon we came home from hospital), watched his Dad get beaten at squash by his grandad, been to the Pub for lunch and out for breakfast and been the star attraction at his Daddy's office.

Yesterday he had the first of no doubt many parties in his honour. All his immediate family - Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins gathered at my mum and dad's house for a lovely afternoon tea to celebrate his arrival. There were a few fights about whose turn it was to hold him next but we managed to break them up without any bloodshed.

Rob and I are just loving having him at home and are especially looking forward to next week when we are going into lockdown for a couple of days so we can just stare at him and have him all to ourselves.

He's feeding really well but at this stage his weight isn't going up as fast as we or the doctors would like so we have to traipse back to Joondalup every second day for a weigh in.

Thanks to you all for all your text messages. emails, phone calls and cards we are so lucky to have such wonderful friends who are as excited about Noah as we are.

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