Wednesday 6 August 2008

2 weeks old...

Noah is 2 weeks old today. Wow what a crazy 2 weeks it has been. One week spent in the hospital and now a week at home fending for ourselves. So far so good - I think we're doing a pretty good job and even managing to get some sleep every now and then. Here are some photos of the little man taken today.
Relaxing in his capsule before I harassed him to try and get some pictures.
The calm before the storm

'I hate being nude!!'

Tiny toes
Daddy soothing him after Mummy made him cold and annoyed

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  1. Oh My Gosh soooooo cute guys... he is just adorable and what a beautiful photo with his daddy! I am counting the days until i can have my first cuddle

    love you all
    xoxoxoxo Aunty Holly


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