Monday 3 December 2007

Pregnancy here we come...

Well my period finally came and we are smack bang in the midst of an IVF cycle. I've been traipsing back and forth to the hospital most mornings for blood tests (to monitor my hormone levels) and giving myself nightly injections getting ready for our Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). This Thursday (6th December) one of our frozen embryos will be implanted in my uterus and I will technically be pregnant. Then we have to wait 2 weeks for a test to tell us whether the pregnancy has 'stuck'. Of course a positive result will by no means be the end of the stress it's a long road ahead to get to the 'safe' 12 week mark and beyond. I think when we are pregnant we are both in the right frame of mind to see it through and hopefully even enjoy the process as much as the first time. We'll keep you posted - results day will be Thursday 20th December. Love to you all and please send us your positive vibes.


  1. Hi K & R

    We are sending you our positive vibes...we have every thing crossed, and are hoping beyond hope it all goes well.

    I have great faith that you will receive positive news on the 20th, and that a little deroach is well on their way.

    Love to you both
    Sarah, Shan & Ayla

  2. Well what a splendid christmas present that would be :-)

    Love Dan & Pom xx

  3. Hey Kirsty and Rob, good luck for Thursday and hope the two weeks after that go quickly.
    See you tomorrow!


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