Sunday, 6 July 2014

This week on Facebook

So I swore at the start of this week I was taking a step back from FB and getting back on blogging track.  Facebook like the addictive bitch that she is lured me back so I decided instead of fighting it to embrace it, so this is the first in a weekly series of posts to be known as 'My week on Facebook'

I was pretty good the first few days and it was pretty quiet but we did go to the pop-up outdoor ice skating rink on Friday night so that was pretty awesome.

The boys and I caught the bus and the train which always starts an outing off on the right foot.

Harper enjoyed it for a little while and then preferred to just hang out on the sidelines.  Noah, our athletic,, sporty good at almost everything guy has really struggled with any form of skating but he finally got the hang of it that night and had a great time.

Out in the city on a Friday night - such a simple adventure full of fun 

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