Sunday, 13 July 2014

This week on Facebook #2

Ok so this week started with my youngest sister Holly's 36th Birthday.  It was her first birthday as a Mama celebrating with her beautiful Tommy who is just a few days off  3 months old already.  As always a simple family dinner was enjoyed at my Mum and Dad's place followed by Cake - it's all about the cake and every kid getting a chance to blow out candles and spread their share of spit onto the cake!!

July 9th is the day our precious Angel baby Banjo was born 7 years ago.  We don't dwell - we've been blessed with 2 beautiful boys and who knows, one day maybe another sweet baby, but we pause and remember him and what an impact his short life had on ours.

This year July 9th will forever be the day I 'lost' one of our dogs for a whole day and had the whole city searching for him only to discover I had literally been sitting on him all day!  He had gotten trapped in the void space under our recliner sofa when I had closed the leg rest.  Serious stress was quickly replaced with horrific embarrassment and everyone had a great laugh at my expense!!!

Skidder after he was 'found'  - he just popped out yawning and stretching from his awesome 6 hour nap!!!

July 10th
Harper is just over 2 and a half now and is full of personality plus.  He loves to dress up and some days can involve multiple wardrobe changes.  The kid knows how to accessorise too.  It's not often you'll see him without some kind of musical instrument in hand and a pair of sunglasses - always sunglasses. He keeps us on our toes but he's such a delight we almost don't mind.

July 11th
Harper was off to hospital AGAIN for his 3rd set of grommets.  As always the happy chappy easy patient took it all in his stride.

In the car on the way bright and early

Post surgery recovery

Back home we spent the afternoon relaxing on the couch but then it was time to head to Nanny and Poppy's to pick up Noah and in true Harper style even while in convalescence he did not forget his style.

2 pairs of sunglasses for the trip there

Nanny gave the patient some new glasses so this new ensemble got thrown together for the trip home which was just perfect for a trip to the pharmacy too!!

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