Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Family Photos

A couple of weekends ago we had some family pictures taken.  We had some around the same time last year and thought it would be nice to get some of the three of us before we become four and also document my pregnancy which sometimes gets a bit forgotten in the blur of everyday life with a toddler.

Our Crazy Kid

Mummy, Noah and Bump

The Boys

The Whole Gang

If you're in Perth and you want a fun relaxed photo session with a wonderful photographer - check Michelle out at Dainty Stills Photography


  1. Love the photos!
    And Noah's haircut looks great!!

  2. I was wondering who that random child was for a second and then it hit me... Noah had a haircut!

    Looking lovely!!


  3. Oh and what was the location for that last shot?

  4. Gorgeous! And no, not weird at all to flog :P Hehe. You have the pregnancy glow and I'm so jealous xxx

  5. gorgeous pictures! what a cute boy and a cute bump! found you on flog yo blog Friday! xx

  6. Great shots. We did the same before CrashBoy came along. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy :)

  7. That's how you make being pregnant look good! Take note Demi you tart!!

  8. Gorgeous photos, Kirsty!

    I need to do the same thing, before three becomes four!

  9. These are such gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing them - I looked more like an overfed teletubbie than a glowing expectant mum, so I tended to shy away from the camera during my pregnancies.

    xx Sonia

  10. Hi Kirsty,
    Thanks for leaving such a beautiful comment on my blog. I agree wholeheartedly. Your bump is gorgeous and most certainly a precious miracle! Congratulations on your little boy, after so many attempts!

    I have friends who have four boys and are constantly bombarded with negative comments. I loved hearing the Mum tell me the other day they went into a bank and the teller said, "Oh there must be fights and mischief in your house." Her little 6 year old looked the teller in the eye and said, "No, we don't behave like that our house, we love each other and we love having lots of boys." Out of the mouths of babes.

  11. Thanks for the comments you left on my blog. I agree wholeheartedly with all that you said. I think your belly looks beautiful! And boys are a complete blessing! How fun it will be in your household! I get slightly annoyed when people hear that I have one girl - "At least you've got your girl" they say, and I'm incredibly blessed and looking forward to doing girly shopping and girly things - but I'm with you, after trying so hard, I wouldn't have been one bit disappointed if I had 5 boys! Look forward to hearing about your baby's arrival - our kids will be close in age! Fun!

  12. Love the photos. Such a spunky family.


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