Saturday, 27 August 2011


The first leg of the holiday for Noah and I was a trip to the beautiful city of Sydney.  I hatched a plan for this stopover for a number of reasons.  Firstly I wanted a chance to catch up with a good friend I hadn't seen for several years.  Secondly I thought my parents could join us and get to spend some quality time with Noah.  They seem him almost every day but it's not the same as 'living' with him for 4 days.  They really loved it and they  really got to see him in his every day 'real life'.  My last reason was to break up the travel for both Noah and pregnant mama and to give Daddy a chance to wrap up work stuff without any distractions.  Almost without fail when we head on holidays Rob spends the last week working long hours in a frantic attempt to finalise everything ready for when he's away.  We usually don't see much of him at those times anyway so why not sneak in some extra holiday fun.

It was an excellent 4 days.  Noah stayed in a lovely sleep routine, I got lots of extra rest and we did lots of lovely Sydney activities.

Noah and Nanna arriving at the Airport

The Gruffalo Trunki - best purchase ever

Oh Yeah Baby - In the cockpit

Noah with Nanny and Poppy at Darling Harbour

Ta-Da The Opera House

The Bridge (from the Ferry)

Noah and Mummy on the Taronga Zoo Sky Safari

Out on the town

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