Thursday 30 April 2009

Hello Internet,

It's me Kirsty. This is not an apology - we've talked about that before but wow how the weeks have flown. There have been so many things to write about so many pictures to show off and I've wanted to blog - oh how I've wanted to blog but I've been so busy doing all these great things I couldn't find a moment to share them with you.

Easter came and went and Noah recovered from his ear infection within a couple of days and was back to his bright bubbly self. April 17th was my birthday - 35 years old - can you believe it?? I had the best birthday I've had in years - it was filled to the brim with fun times, family and friends and exquisite presents.

April 18th we all (and by all I mean Rob, myself and Noah) trundled off to West Coast Blues and Roots in Freo. We had bought the tickets when Noah was just a wee bub and had always planned to take him along but as it drew near there were lots of critics and we started to worry they might be right. However the day went off without a hitch and Noah smiled and slept and boogied happily through the whole 14 hour outing. Without access to a pram (aaahhhh rules!!) we had to take turns carrying all 10.5 kilos of him around in the Baby Bjorn but we had lots of chances to sit and relax on the grass and give our backs and shoulders a rest. Noah was somewhat of a celebrity and we were asked continuously throughout the day by total strangers if it was ok to take his picture. Here's some we took......

Last weekend we tried to chill out a bit after a couple of busy weeks but we managed to fit in a lovely dinner at The Mullaloo for Laura's birthday, (I'm not a big fan of the Mullaloo but it was good company and nice to have a grown up night out - I even wore proper shoes!!) a 2 year old birthday party, 2 BBQ's and an impromptu trip to the zoo.

Oops it's been a few days since I started this entry and it still hasn't been posted so I may as well add on this weekend just gone.

Noah started his new swimming lessons at Craigie Leisure Centre on Saturday morning. It's great because now Rob gets a chance to do it with him and Mummy gets a chance to do her own thing for an hour. Naturally Noah absolutely loved it - he's such a water baby. We already take him to Craigie for casual swimming a couple of evenings a week so he totally thinks he's king of the pool. Mum and Holly were watching and they said Noah was so busy trying to grab the baby girls in the class for a cuddle he missed half the class - hhmmm I wonder who he gets that from!!

Yesterday (Sunday May 3rd) we started what we hope will turn into a regular thing - family cycling outings. We jumped on our bikes about 8am with a small bag of essentials and no plan. We ended up on the train into the city and spent the morning riding around the river. We had a great time and Noah even had a couple of little naps (that's why we bought the front mounted seat with the head rest) We got home about 1pm with very sore butts but very pleased with ourselves anyway.

Today (Monday May 4th) is my Dad's 65th birthday - Happy Birthday Dad - We love you

That's about everything up to date for now so I'll leave you with a random photo of Noah experimenting with feeding himself - enjoy !!


  1. Gorgeous pics!! Happy Belated Birthday Kirsty! Glad you had a great one.
    x Sandy, Jase and Girls

  2. Hey guys,
    What great photos of Noah! The photos of him wearing the ear muffs reminded me of a photo of myself at a similar age - my Dad worked in a lawn mower sales company and he dressed me up wearing small versions of his uniform - stunning photos they were too - just like Noahs!

    I truly laughed very hard when I saw the U18 strap on his ankle - bureaucracy gone mad but gorgeous none the less.

    And what's wrong with showing off to the girls in the pool anyway? Ever wondered maybe that's why Dad is there too ...?

    Big Hi to Rob!! :-)



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