Sunday 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

Now to start off with here is a picture I prepared earlier.

This was taken a couple of weeks ago in readiness for Easter cards which due in some part to disorganisation and in some part to legitimate busy-ness (??) only made it to a very select few (ie grandparents and great grandparents)

Our Easter is not going exactly how we planned but it's hard to be disgruntled with such fabulous weather and having Daddy home to play with for 4 days straight.

It started in a very lovely relaxed manner on Thursday evening as the last of the kids for the week played in the backyard while Noah swung and Rob enjoyed a beer. I however was laying on the daybed starting to come down with something I had no idea would turn into the flu to end them all.

We made it through our Good Friday activities - me dosed up on cold and flu tablets (never had them before - LOVE THEM!!). We had a lovely seafood lunch with family although Noah was a bit grumpy and unsettled (little did we know what was in store). Then spent the afternoon with our much loved friends Danni and Pom as we celebrated their son Rex's first birthday. I made his cake which as always is an honour and an absolute pleasure. It turned out really well and seemed to be a hit. Noah loved the party confirming for us that he does find life a bit boring on the weekend with only Mummy and Daddy around and none of the houseful of kids he enjoys all week. With a floor full of toys and kids he was in his element again.

Unfortunately my cold and flu tabs wore off and I really started to go downhill so we had to leave and I was lovingly nursed by my wonderful husband as I spent the evening on the couch feeling very very sorry for myself.

Yesterday started with a fabulous BBQ breakfast at my Mum and Dad's place with Megan & Holly and Noah's honorary great-grandpa Joe.

(Everyone at breakfast wanted a photo with Noah the Easter Bunny)

We then decided the weather was far to glorious to be ignored and headed off to the bike shop to buy a bike seat for Noah. A side trip to Bunnings saw Noah come face to face with a 6 foot White Rabbit which he was absolutely fascinated by and Mummy and Daddy enjoyed the free chocolate eggs he had in his basket.

After some cursing and frustration the seat was attached to Rob's bike and the boys were off on their first ride together. I was very sad to miss out on this momentous occasion but retired to the couch for more R & R.

(Not to be outdone Cleo showed off some cool tricks on her bike too!!)

Last night Noah seemed to go to bed fine at his normal time (about 6.30) and we were all set to watch Carlton win their 3rd game (not to be sadly). Then about half an hour after bedtime Noah woke up crying and we couldn't resettle him. We persisted for a couple of hours taking turns walking him round the house and nursing him but nothing settled him for more than a few minutes. We started to become aware that he was in pain from something and presumed it might be a very sore throat like I was suffering from. We tried some panadol but nothing worked so we packed up at about 9.30pm and headed to PMH (Princess Margaret Children's Hospital). It took a couple of hours to see the Doctor (who ended up being the Dr that came from PMH in the ambulance to get him from Joondalup when he was born - weird). Turns out our poor baby had a temp of 38.2, a really bad ear infection and swollen tonsils. In hindsight even though he had been a bit grizzly for a couple of days, he had actually been very brave because he must have been quite unwell. We were sent home at 12.30am with antibiotics, strong painkillers containing codeine and some numbing ear drops. Finally at about 2am Rob and I were in bed and Noah seemed settled.

He's in very good spirits this morning and when we can actually get the medicine down his throat it seems to help.

This morning Noah enjoyed some of the festivities of Easter with a lovely parcel from the Easter bunny - a book, a gorgeous soft bunny and some egg cups. He really seemed to enjoy the empty Easter egg box of Rob's more though.
Today we are having a day at home recuperating which has been very relaxing.
Tomorrow we are heading to Jacqui and Ben's for morning tea to catch up with Rob's family and also Ben's parents who are visiting from Victoria (seeing their grandson Finn for the first time).
All in all a busy, crazy but ultimately enjoyable family weekend. Hope yours is less chaotic but just as much fun.

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  1. Hi Noah,
    It was so much fun sharing Easter with you for the first time.

    So sad that you and Mummy were not well but very proud of how brave you and Mummy were to soldier on despite being in so much pain.

    How much fun is it riding on the bike with your Daddy. Now we know why you were asleep when Daddy rode you around to were sick !!!!!!!

    Get well soon little man We love you to the moon and back.

    The Nanna and Pop


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