Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Naming Game

Naming your baby goes to the top of the list as one of the most thought about things during pregnancy. Some people even start thinking about it well before they're even pregnant - ie ME. Noah was our second choice for a boys name ever since we started IVF so after we named Banjo and then fell pregnant again we knew if we had a boy he would be called Noah.

Having said all this it is still hard for me to get used to the fact that this little guy that has moved into our house is called Noah. The baby and the name have been two abstract concepts for so long that it's hard to get used to - especially not knowing the sex you don't put the name to the baby throughout the pregnancy. I mean can you believe it - our very own person plus we get to choose the name he lives with forever.

So as a result of this we are finding ourselves more often referring to him as 'The Boy', 'Our Boy' 'My Boy'. From this when I talk to him I now tell him I'm 'The Mumma' 'That's The Daddy' and my mum has become lovingly referred to as 'The Nanna'.

I'm sure I'll get used to his name but he'll always be 'The Boy' to me.

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