Thursday, 23 October 2008

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Noah is officially 3 months old today (13 weeks and 1 day). I made a promise to myself that I would write Noah a letter on this blogsite each month until he was 1. I managed the first one but month 2 went by the wayside - I'll do one this month but first let me fill you all in on what's been happening.

First and most importantly Noah is doing really well and a lot of his pains seem to be sorted out. Last time I really wrote a proper entry we were struggling with reflux, colic and lots of poo problems. Things really peaked a few weeks ago when we ended up at Princess Margaret Hospital and the poor little guy had to have a suppository. Since then we have changed his formula twice and are now really happy with the Nan 1HA formula. Apparently it is designed for premature babies with immature digestive systems - if only we had known this earlier we could have saved ourselves a lot of heartache and Noah a lot of pain. Anyhow he's on it now and he does lovely regular (really stinky) poos. He still struggles a bit with wind but once he gets it up he's fine.

Between the formula change and him just getting bigger and stronger he's a much happier baby. He's really started smiling and giggling and enjoys looking at his mobiles and toys now. It's so fantastic to see him this way and it means Rob and I are able to relax and enjoy him much more now which is a real blessing.

I'm back at work 2 days a week which of course I am really enjoying. My mum has Noah all day Monday and absolutely dotes on him then my sister Megan and Rob's dad John are alternating babysitting duties on Fridays so everyone is getting a look in.

Last week my mum and my sister Holly took a turn at sleeping over and looking after Noah for the night while Rob and I caught up on some much needed sleep (what a treat to sleep through for a whole night). Holly has been trying desperately to get her Noah fix before she heads off again - this time she's off to Europe. I think it's awesome for Noah to have such regular contact with all his extended family - he's being very spoilt.

Noah and I have started our Mums and Bubs swimming class and he's enjoying it much more than his first trip to the pool where as you all saw in the photos he cried the whole time.

As far as his sleeping goes the days are still a bit sketchy and we don't really have any routine but I expect that will come in time. Most importantly he's sleeping really well at night and usually goes down (after a couple of attempts) between 7 and 8pm (9pm on a bad night) then sleeps for about 6 hours has a bottle and goes back down until about 5.30 or 6am. We're pretty damn happy with that after a couple of months of him waking every 2 hours.

We're so lucky now to have our happy smiling little boy - can't wait for number 2!!!!!!

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  1. Yay, it was lovely to read a nice long update on your blog. I am totally hooked and check in every day!!

    It is also great to hear that Noah is happier and sleeping more.

    The boys and I are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.



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