Thursday, 7 February 2008

Off to Melbourne

We leave for Melbourne tomorrow night to go and celebrate Rob's Pa's 80th Birthday. It's really exciting to be going on holiday but it is tinged with a bit of sadness. We had always planned this trip having in mind that we would be taking our 4 month old baby with us for all the Melbourne family to meet. Of course we are lucky to be pregnant again and to be able to share that with everyone but it doesn't erase the loss we still feel everyday.

Have a nice week everyone and I'll be back on board with any news and updates after February 18th when we have our 12 week scan.


  1. Hi Kirsty, hope you're feeling better this afternoon. I am hanging for more updates to your blog - please write soon!!


  2. Hi Guys,
    How did Melb and the scan go? Been thinking of you all and hoping everything went well. Looking forward to getting an update and seeing pics.
    Love Sandy, Jase and Charlotte


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