Wednesday 11 July 2007

Farewell to our Angel

Our son arrived too early in a stillborn delivery 12.45pm Monday July 9th, 2007. After learning the news of his death on Sunday his arrival on Monday was beautiful and peaceful and everything we could have hoped for in the most awful of circumstances. His grandparents Pam and Tom Beggs and John De Roach were present to welcome him with Rob and I and all of us plus Mal De Roach and John Nicholson were able to hold him and tell him how loved he was and always will be.

A funeral will be held for Banjo on Monday at 10am in Zamia Court Gardens, Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park. All are welcome.

A morning tea to honour and celebrate the happiness he has brought us all will follow at his Pa's home.

Thank you all for the outpouring of love and support. We are truly honoured to have such wonderful family and friends and to know that our son is so treasured.

We will continue to write this journal through our mourning and our ongoing journey towards a healthy pregnancy. Please leave us your comments and thoughts at any time - they mean so much.

Love Kirsty and Rob


  1. Hello to two beautiful people Kirsty and Rob,
    I am unsure as to what to say, so I will just say what is in my heart and that is to say that I am so sorry guys and it just doesn't seem real or fair. You guys will oneday make the most loving dedicated parents.... for some unknown reason, it just wasn't to be right now. I know it will one day and I look forward to that day.
    We are thinking of you guys and just wanted to send you our love. We also just wanted to say goodbye to Banjo, perhaps you were too sweet for this world little guy and were needed elsewhere.
    kirsty and Rob, if you need anything at all, we are here for you.
    Lots of Love
    Grant, Leanne and Hannah
    xx xx xx

  2. Darling Banjo,
    We never got to hold you in our arms, but we will always hold you in our hearts.
    Lots of Love Aunty Fay, Uncle Brian, Beau Beau and Travy. xx xx

  3. Dear Kirsty and Rob,
    My thoughts are with you at this very sad time.
    Love Jenni Currie (Brian's sister)

  4. Dear Banjo,
    We have been trying to write this letter since your Mummy and Daddy gave us the privilege of being present on the 9th July to say hullo and then sadly to say farewell.

    We so much wanted you to be a continuing presence in our lives and we will probably never understand why this was not to be.

    However in the short time you were with us you were such a positive influence in our lives and we know you always will be.

    We love your Mummy and Daddy very much and we are so sorry that you were not able to stay with them to experience the love and devotion they have for each other and allthe love and guidance and fun they so much wanted to share with you.

    As your Nan and Pop we so much wanted that for you too. Nanna wanted to see you laugh at her funny dance and Pop wanted to watch the footy with you so he could show you how many free kicks the umpires miss for the eagles.

    You will always be with us in our hearts, a special little soul who came to remind us of all the love and kindness that we are surrounded by every day from family and friends.

    Journey softly darling Banjo until we meet again.

    Nan and Pop Beggs. x o x o


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