Friday, 2 December 2011

Things I know

As a mother of two now there are some things I have learnt - I thought I'd share.

1. Having 2 children is the fail safe quickest way to cure a lifelong nail biting habit! My hands are never still.

2. You can (and will) blow dry your hair using the car air conditioning on the way to Kindy/Swimming etc

3. The sound of the breast pump will become the soundtrack for your life and you will grow to love it's funky   German nightclub beats.

4. You and your husband will never again have a conversation that doesn't involve talk of poo, breast milk and who's turn it is to change the nappy.

5. Even though you wondered if you could ever love another child as much as your first - the love is instant and overwhelming and the pride of watching your older boy love his new brother is heartbreakingly special.

6. It's all worth it (and sleep is for the weak!)


  1. Love this post. I've just got the one so far, but hubby and I definitely want a second bub. It's good to know my nail-biting habit will disappear!

  2. Thank you for number 4 :) Baby number 2 is due soon and it's nice to hear that!

  3. All so very true and you only get busier and busier : ) So worth it though.

  4. Hey Kirsty, I was so excited to log on to your blog to find three new posts to read! You made my night. Thanks for sharing some pictures of your lovely, lovely boys.

    p.s Ivy was telling me today that Noah is her best friend - so cute and so sad at the same time xx


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