Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Letter to Noah Two Years Old

My Darling Noah

Firstly let me start by saying that Mama is very nawnee for not writing you this letter sooner.  You are already 2 years and 12 days old.  It has been hectic times around here celebrating for your birthday and getting ready for our holiday.

You my son are such a delight.  Those are words people say a lot but in your case it is so thoroughly true.  You really put joy into the hearts of everyone you meet.

I cannot believe how much you change on an almost daily basis.  Last night Daddy was downloading all the footage off the video camera and we were enthralled watching you transform before our eyes.

There is one thing that everyone who meets you realises in mere seconds - you are a chatterbox.  You talk all day long about everything and everything.  Literally just today you have woken up with about ten new words in your vocabulary and you are stringing them together three and four at a time. ' Poppy no poo yet' you said today.

You are completely obsessed by all things Toy Story and can spot Buzz and Woody from a hundred paces. 'Mummy Buzz, Woody, Woody, Buzz' you shout and we have to stop and look - even if it's just a tissue box in the supermarket.

You are really learning your colours and your numbers and are happy for Mummy to help you practice.

You are still enjoying your music classes and now we do soccer on a Wednesday - you even have a little uniform and I seriously don't think I've ever seen anything cuter.

I know there are hundreds of things to write and say about you but right now all I can think is to tell you that I love you immensely, you are my little buddy and I really treasure your company as we go about our day.  Having you in my life has been more than I could ever have expected - and it's all wonderful.

In about ten minutes Daddy and I are going to lift you from your cot and we are going to head to the airport for our next family adventure.  We are off to Melbourne to visit family and friends and then Daddy and I are so excited to be taking you for your first (of many I'm sure) trip to the snow.  This will be your 5th time flying on a plane but this time you are really going to find it exciting.  I can already hear your flying noises you love to make.

Can't wait to see what the year ahead brings - I love you.

Love Mummy

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