Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Note from Daddy

Dear Poppy,

We're very sorry for that intrusion yesterday. It can't have been a nice feeling having a big needle popping up next to your head, then feeling 20% of your fluidy, comfy, warm atmosphere disappear. But let me tell you that it was probably the most unnatural thing in the world for your mummy to let anything like that happen to you. I put my hand on her heart to help reassure her, but let me tell you it was beating almost as fast as yours (which was 142 bpm yesterday - perfectly good for a baby your size!). She is the bravest mummy in the world. No matter how many trials and tribulations she has to endure, she remains brave and only ever wants to do the right thing by you. She doesn't know how strong she is, but I am so proud of her and love her more and more every day. The emotional rollercoaster ride of being pregnant is wearing ME out, Poppy - I can't imagine the fortitude required to actually BE pregnant and have everything happen to you (lots of needles, procedures and the like - I'm sure I couldn't cope!). Anyway, just know that we are only making sure that the doctor's know what we already do - that you are our beautiful baby.

Love Daddy XXX

P.S. The skill of your doctor was truly amazing, even when you were wriggling around as much as you do, she still performed the procedure perfectly. These people are the true heroes of our society... thank you doctor. She captured some great photos of you yesterday, which I'm sure your mummy will post very soon...

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