Monday, 10 December 2007

School Holiday Madness

Normally Reuben, Declan and I love The Beach House. It's a big warehouse in Osborne Park full of kids play equipment and things to ride and climb and bounce on and it's a kids dream. Not in school holidays though and not today. I knew something was up when we got there - the carpark was full and I even spotted a couple of school buses but stupidly in we went. Oh My God - there was literally about 150 kids in there from little ones up to 9ish. I was meeting my friend Adina there with her 2 boys as well. Within half an hour Reuben had had the balls from the ball pit thrown at his head and Declan had been pushed off the bouncy castle and had a ride on car ridden over his foot. Apparently 2 kindys plus a couple of classes of older kids had decided to come for a fun day out before the end of school!! There wasn't a spare inch of floorspace or a free toy to get hold of and as for a coffee - forget about it. So we packed all the kids up demanded a refund and got the hell out.

Off we headed to the peace and serenity of Jackadder Lake. They have fantastic apparatus there under shade sails and it's gorgeous. No sooner had we settled in for some relaxing outdoor time than a class of about 30 kids on foot from the local school and a busload from somewhere else showed up. They were running completely rampant and Declan and Riley who are only 3 & 2 didn't have a chance at getting on a swing or a slide.

So much for a relaxing day and it's not even the holidays yet.


  1. Ha ha ha, sorry I know its not really funny but its amusing to be at the shop and find out about the carnage at the Beach House before I even get home.
    At least Reuben's tough enough to handle a few balls to the head - Declan on the other hand probably made your day interesting!
    Sorry that your relaxing Monday didn't work out. See you Wednesday!

  2. Good for people to know.


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