Saturday, 9 May 2009

Great Grandpa Joe

Noah is very lucky to have not only a full set of grandparents but also 4 great grandparents to love and adore him. Rob's Nanna Ivy, Rob's Pa Ged and Grandma Bron, My Nanna Fay Beggs and my adopted Grandpa Joe.

Joe has been a family friend, particularly of my Mum's, for about 20 years and he's really become a special part of our family. Joe never had any kids of his own so therefore no grandkids or great grandkids but he is overjoyed with Noah as his special great grandson. Joe is such an amazing man and has had such an interesting life. He just turned 93 a few weeks ago and still walks to the shops every day - until a few years ago he was leading other seniors in exercise classes (some who were 20 years younger than him and not half as fit!!). The weird thing is he's a real mix of facets of both mine and Rob's maternal grandfathers (Bungy and Arthur) so he helps us to remember them as well.
This week Mum, Joe, Noah and I trekked off to the zoo and enjoyed a lovely day in the winter sunshine.

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