Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Introducing... Noah!!

Well that all happened a bit quicker than expected!!
Hello everyone, a very proud dad here. I'm exhausted, but couldn't help sharing a few pics and words about my little guy - I'll keep it brief with more to come soon... Well, it was a bit of a shock yesterday when Kirsty rang me at work to say she was being admitted - but we got her all settled in, with the caesarean booked for Friday. But shock is an understatement of how I felt when I popped in to say hello to Kirsty this morning only to be told to "scrub up because this baby is coming out right now" - I cut his cord at 11 am.
Kirsty was amazing, even with an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic she somehow pulled herself together and got to hold her little baby boy before he was whipped up to the nusery for some special attention... She is recovering well, but very sore at the moment.
Noah's a bit premature (35 weeks), so his lungs aren't fully developed just yet. He needs a little assistance with his breathing so he has been transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital (that big tube going into his nose is a ventilator). I've just got back from seeing him and he's doing just fine. In fact, I think he's perfect.
Love to you all, Rob XXX


  1. CONGRATULATIONS K & R!! Welcome to the world our darling friend Noah! He looks full term doesn't he? A big strong boy, Kirsty you look great on those pics, all serene and hair done nicely he he. Love the hairnet Robbie! Great words Rob, I'm totally teary. Bless his cottons all hooked up, I'm sure he will be in your arms soon. Well done guys xxx
    Hy xx

  2. A Boy!!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS TO Mummy Kirsty and Daddy Rob!
    Hello darling Noah. You are gorgeous. We just CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU! It seems YOU couldn't wait to meet to your Mummy and Daddy. You really are a lucky little guy being born into such a loving family.
    We wish you nothing but the best in life. May you all enjoy this wonderful, exciting journey together. We look forward to watching Noah grow and sharing time with you all.
    Jay has a mate to 'hang' with and Hannah has another little man to 'mother'.
    Take care all of you,
    With much Love,
    Grant, Leanne, Hannah and Jay
    xx xx xx xx

  3. Wow, what an entrance he made. He is a cute lil guy with such beautiful parents. Kirsty I don't know how you do it. You're amazing. Can't wait to see you all ASAP. Love from Jess xx


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